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BBC Monitoring

From the mid-1980s Burton subscribed to and gleaned the daily paper version Summary of World Broadcasts, Pt. 3, Asia–Pacific, published by this intelligence-gathering arm of the BBC, for detailed news of events and personalities which might provide his students with "today's inside look" at aspects of the PRC's external relations then being studied in class. (From 1985 - 1997 he compiled and published an index to all the China material -- to which even BBC Monitoring subscribed for awhile before it became available online in 1997!

FBIS (Foreign Broadcast Information Service) - an open-source monitoring service of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's Directorate of Science and Technology (available through subscription and in many research university libraries)

JAS (The Journal of Asian Studies) is published quarterly in February, May, August and November by The Association of Asian Studies (AAS;, a United States-based scholarly organization. It is provided in a paper version to AAS members, and is available online through libraries subscribing to JSTOR (

China Quarterly
The China Quarterly, which has been a leading publication focusing on China since the 1950s, is now published by Cambridge Journals for the London-based School of Oriental and African Studies.

Modern China
Published for over thirty years and edited by Philip Huang, the journal publishes academic articles onlate-imperial, twentieth-century, and present-day China. It is available in a paper version and online through Sage Publications.

Journal of Chinese Studies
Jointly published by Dept of Chinese, Hong Kong University, Dept of East Asian Studies, University of Toronto, and Dept of East Asian Studies, University of Alberta, since 2001.


Timothy Brook

Jonathan Spence

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Peter C. Perdue

James Hevia
James Hevia, a "feet-still-on-the-ground postmodernist", has taught Neil Burton much. Two of his books, Cherishing Men from Afar (Durham & London, Duke University Press, 1995) and English Lessons (Durham, Duke UP, 2003), are undoubtedly the best -- and most interesting -- treatments in English of two very complex subjects.


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