1994, Symposium - Japan

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Liu Huaqing, navy chief deliver speeches on 1894 Sino-Japanese war

Xinhua news agency domestic service, Beijing, in Chinese 0927 gmt 17 Aug 94

Excerpts from report

Beijing, 17th August: A symposium marking the centennial of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894 was held in Beijing today. In his speech at the symposium, Liu Huaqing, Standing Committee member of the CCP Central Committee Political Bureau and vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission, stressed the need to persistently conduct education in patriotism, to firmly cultivate the awareness of the importance of national defense in the whole nation, to further increase our national cohesive strength, and to arouse the enthusiasm of people across the country for undertaking socialist modernization.

            Vice-Chairman Zhang Zhen of the Central Military Commission attended the symposium, and Navy Commander Zhang Lianzhong addressed its opening ceremony...

            In his speech at the symposium, Liu Huaqing said: The Sino-Japanese War, which broke out in 1894, was a major event in modern Chinese history. After the war, the large imperialist powers more wildly set off an upsurge in carving up China, thus speeding up the process of making China a semi-colony. Through decades of heroic struggles in which fighters advanced wave upon wave, the Chinese people, under the leadership of the CCP, finally won the victory of the new democratic revolution, achieved national independence, the unification of the country, the people’s democracy, and ushered in a new era of socialism in China. Today, at the turn of the century [as received], earth-shaking changes have taken place in the world situation as well as in China. The world is developing towards multipolarization, and peace and development are the two priorities for which people throughout the world are fighting together. The Chinese people are making outstanding, astonishing achievements along the course of building socialism with Chinese characteristics charted by Comrade Deng Xiaoping, and are confidently striding towards the 21st century. Marking the Sino-Japanese War of 1894 today is meant to remind people of our past national humiliation and to learn from historical experiences and lessons. This is also meant to draw on useful experiences for the purpose of promoting the modernization in our country. Chairman Jiang Zemin of the Central Military Commission has repeatedly advocated the study of some modern Chinese history, with a view to enabling us to profoundly understand the past, correctly grasp the present and better advance into the future through the study of history...

            Liu Huaqing also fully affirmed the achievements made by the navy in such fields as the development of equipment, battlefield construction [Chinese: zhan chang jian she 2069 1034 1696 6080], the training of qualified personnel, and military training. He hoped that all members of the navy would firmly work as one to make progress, to quickly strengthen the navy’s fighting capability, and build the people’s navy better and better.

            The symposium was jointly sponsored by the China Society of Military Sciences and the Naval Committee for Military Academic Studies. Those present included leading comrades of the three general departments of the People’s Liberation Army, the 2nd Artillery Corps, the National Defense University, the Academy of Military Sciences and the China Society of Military Sciences as well as relevant experts in the armed forces and outside.