1858, Certificate of Exchange - France

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            On October 25, eighteen hundred and sixty, the High Commissioners of the Empires of France and China, mandated with full powers, found by both to be in good and proper form, namely:

            For the Empire of France, His Excellency Baron Gros, Senator of the Empire and Ambassador Extraordinary of His Majesty the Emperor of the French in China, Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor, Knight of the Grand Cross of several orders, etc., etc., etc.;

            And for the Empire of China, Prince Kung, member of the imperial family and High Commissioner;

            These having met at the Palace of the Li Bu in Beijing to carry out the exchange of ratifications of the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Commerce signed at Tianjin on June 27, 1858, having with them the secretaries and translators of the two nations, and His Excellency the High Commissioner for France having placed in the hands of His Imperial Highness Prince Kung the original instrument of the Treaty of Tianjin transcribed in the two languages and bearing the great seal of state of the French Empire and the signature of His Majesty the Emperor of the French, who declares hereby that all the clauses of the said Treaty are ratified and will be faithfully executed;

            His Imperial Highness, having received the Treaty thus ratified, in turn  handing over to His Excellency the High Commissioner of France one of the copies of the same Treaty approved and ratified by the red brush of His Majesty the Emperor of China;

            And the exchange of ratifications of the Treaty signed at Tianjin in one thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight  having taken place, the High Imperial Commissioners have signed this procès-verbal composed by their respective secretaries, and have affixed thereto the seals of their arms.

            Done in duplicate in the Pale of the Li Bu at Beijing on the twnety-fifth October  one thousand eight hundred and sixty.

[L.S.]        (Signed)       Bon Gros.



Signature of the Chinese High Commissioner.