Foreign Ambassadors to China

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In the 1980s there were no readily available multi-country lists of ambassadors to or from the People's Republic. As part of my Sophia University course on the PRC's external relations, I thought it useful to examine the biographies of actual ambassadorial appointees and to have students attempt to deduce the qualifications for such postings. Hence the compilation of this list. I leave it to others to update this and the other associated lists.

Britain Japan
Chargés d’Affaires Ogawa Heishiro 73-77
John C. Hutchinson 1953-55 Sato Shoji 77-79
Humphrey Trevelyan 1953-55 Yoshida Kenzo 79-81?
Percy Cradock 68-69 Katori Yasue 81/09-84?
Nakae Yosuke 84-88?
Ambassadors Nakajima Toshijiro 88
Percy Cradock 78-84 Hashimoto Hiroshi 89/09/22
Sir Richard Mark Evans 84-88 Matsumoto Koichi [chargé] 92
Sir Allen Ewen Donald 88/05/26 Kunihiro Michihiko 93/03/01
Sir Robin McLaren 91/06/20 Sato Yoshiyasu 95/04/08
Leonard Vincent Appleyard 94/09/24
Soviet Union/Russia
  N.V. Roschin 1950-
Ralph Collins 71 72 [former amb. to KMT]
John Small 72 76 Pavel F. Yudin 1958
K.U. Chernenko 1960
Michel Gauvin 82/02/14-85 Tolstikov 78
Richard V. Gorham 85-87 Ilya S. Sherbakov 79-84
Earl G. Drake 87/10/16 S. L. Tikhvinsky
Fred Bild 91/10/11 Oleg A. Troyanovsky 86/05/06
John Paynter 95/01/25 Soloviev 90/11?
Howard Balloch 1996- I.A. Rogachev 92/04/09
Joseph Caron
United States
  Heads of US Liaison Office
Michel Gonbal 88 David Bruce 1973-74
Charles Malo 89/02/18 George Bush 74-75
Claude Martin 90/12/18 Thomas Gates 76-78
Francois Plaisant 04/01/14 Leonard Woodcock 78
[West] Germany Ambassadors
Leonard Woodcock 1979-81
Gunther Schodel Arthur W. Hummel Jr. 81-85
Ter Fischer Winston Lord 85-89
Dr. Hannspeter Hellbeck 87/04/10 James R. Lilley 89/05/08
Dr. Armin Freitag 92/09/07 J. Stapleton Roy 91/08/20
Konrad Seitz 95/04/0 James Sasser ? 95